Walnut Oil End of Season Special

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As we approach the new season's harvest we have an excellent supply of walnut oil so take advantage of this end of season special on 250ml bottles. Great for breakfasts, drizzling over fresh salads, pasta and rice dishes. Try mixing it into your mashed potato or over seafood such as prawns and salmon. Delicious in chocolate desserts and hot milk drinks.

Try some of these delicious recipe ideas: Green Summer Slaw Beet & Orange Quinoa Salad Roast Pumpkin Quinoa & Cherry Salad

Walnut oil is high in Omega 3's making it an excellent addition to your diet. Walnuts have also shown favourable effects on total cholesterol, assist with brain function, improve memory and reduce depression symptoms.

Pressed in small batches, best before September 2024.

Store in the fridge.
Unfiltered, unrefined pure walnut oil.

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