No positions currently available.

Casual farming positions for pumpkin planting season 2023 have been filled. No seasonal labor is needed for harvest as it is all mechanical and done by the full-time team.

2024 Planting season information to come in Aug/Sept.

2 main types of work need to be done;

1. Seeding trays: plastic seedling trays are filled with potting mix through a machine and then another picks up pumpkin seeds and drops them into the 230 cells per tray. The trays are checked and seeds manually pressed in before being covered with more potting mix. The trays then need to be put into the hothouse.

2. Planting Seedlings: once the seedlings are grown (12-15 days) they need to be planted in the paddocks. Repurposed seedling planters are used to plant the seedlings.