About Us

Harvesting Pumpkin SeedsAustralian Pumpkin Seed Company is a family owned and operated company with all profits retained and used for continual growth and improvement. We are the first and only producers of a unique type of edible pumpkin seeds in Australia and are proud to be a farm to plate company that produces 7 flavours of pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seed oil and a range of other seeds, nuts, oils and flours.  

Under the Pepo Farms banner, there are now 4 brands:

  • Pumpkin Seeds Australia
  • The Artisan Mill
  • Pepo Community Farms
  • Green Food Technology Australia

Originally established as "Pepo Pty Ltd" in 2002 in South East Queensland, the business later became the Australian Pumpkin Seed Company and relocated to the Ovens Valley (North East Victoria) in 2010. As the business and product range grew, we introduced The Artisan Mill under the Pepo Farms brand, a traditional oil press and flour mill that is part social enterprise.

Our farm shop in the Ovens Valley is a facility that gives a unique insight into our farming and how we grow, harvest and produce our range of products and provides an educational experience for customers to learn about farming, food and health.

We practice sustainable farming using organic and biodynamic practices ensuring we are good custodians of the soil. This involves our team working with our agronomist to constantly look for natural ways to enrich the soil. The use of cover crops and other means such as carbon capture allow us to go beyond simply not using any herbicides or pesticides. 

As part of our farming growth for a sustainable future, Green Food Technology Australia was set up to do Research and Development on the specifics of pumpkin seed production to test, trial and capture data for commercial production.

We take great pride in bringing to market healthy, nutritious products for all to enjoy.

We work directly with the farmers, they grow for us and we have provided them with a means, they are part of our family. At Pepo Farms, we are building a family farming company. We hope to build the future of growing food in Australia.

Our commitment is to develop a pumpkin seed industry in Australia so that Australian consumers have the choice to buy locally grown, fresh Australian products. Developing the export market is a high priority as it will ensure greater volume, lower costs and a sustainable, profitable crop for local farmers.  

  • Our Intention is to inspire people to feel good by supporting their physical/mental health & quality of life with excellent, naturally produced food, with a focus on disease prevention.
  • Our Mission is to supply a consistently superior quality product, service and education. Our information will be given in a helpful, friendly, caring manner.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our business is ecologically and economically sustainable.