The Artisan Mill

Experience Hand Crafted Artisan Oils & Flours

The Artisan Oil Mill is a family owned traditional oil mill and is part of the collection of products made by Australian Pumpkin Seed Company.  Join the family by enjoying the new range of 100% Australian grown seed and nut products supporting our local farmers.


Farmer and the Pressmaster

Sharan & Jay (also husband & wife) are a perfect match to bring their collective knowledge of farming and artisan food to a whole new level with their passion for health and love for supporting Australian grown food, having both grown up on farms.

Sharan’s passion for Australian farming started when growing up on the family farm in Queensland. In 2002 Sharan and her family established Australia’s first pumpkin seed industry to produce the famous pumpkin seed oil, following on from her fathers Slovenian heritage. Naturally as a 3rd generation pumpkin farmer and with a successful business, meeting Jay and bringing him into the business was a perfect collaboration.
Jay has 20 years experience as an Artisan Baker, along with chefing, wine and cheese making. Having trained in Europe, he brings complimentary skills to the art of traditional oil pressing, so naturally he became head Pressmaster.

The farmer and pressmaster, now joined together… The Artisan Oil Mill family was born.

The Artisan Oil Mill Range includes:

Almond Oil, Sunflower OilHazelnut Oil, Walnut oil, Apricot Kernel Oil and of course our Pumpkin Seed Oil. The new oils we are working on is the Grape Seed Oil and Pecan Oil.

The Farming Family

Our collaboration with local Farmers is building as we support them by purchasing only Australian grown produce for the production of our new seed and nut oils. By buying Australian and using the artisan methods for cold pressing our oils, we are able to produce the freshest, tastiest oils in Australia.- Oil Press Master Jay Rivett –



The Artisan Mill is a family owned and operated traditional oil and flour mill that is part of the collection of products by Pepo Farms. 

The Artisan Mill is part social enterprise which allows us to partner with many other Australian farmers and press oil from their nuts and seeds, providing them with an alternative product and income for their farms. We source only Australian grown seeds and nuts to ensure the best quality and to support Australian farmers.

The oil press is a traditional press that uses age old artisan methods for cold pressing our oils. After years of growth, the Artisan Mill now presses six oils including pumpkin seed, walnut, hazelnut, apricot kernel, sunflower seed and almond. 

The Artisan Mill also includes a flour mill where we mill the 'press' cake from oil extraction into a range of gluten free flours.