Pantry Pack Special #2

Fill your pantry with a selection of oils to cook with any food for any occasion. 

1 x Pecan Oil

1 x Walnut Oil

1 x Pumpkin Seed Oil 

1 x Almond Oil

As with all our oils, they have such great flavours, which can be mixed and matched with all foods. You can of course use them all for; fresh salad dressings, mixed steamed vegetable 'salads', dipping bread and dukkah, drizzling over pasta or steamed vegetables, glazing meats and vegetable before baking or for the daring, as toppings on ice-cream.

Here's some of the ways we like to use them:

Pumpkin Seed Oil - steamed green beans salad, potato salad, tomato salad - all dressed with apple cider vinegar too these are a must. Rub over a chicken before baking - delicious. Or take a teaspoon everyday for health support. Note: it is dark green. Almost black. Don't be alarmed, it is full of goodness and a surprisingly familiar but different delicious nutty flavour.

Pecan Oil- a sweet nutty flavour; drizzle on a fruit salad, add to a cheesecake, add to a hot chocolate or coffee, or roll par steamed potatoes before baking.

Walnut Oil - the omega 3 brain oil. Delicious with any seafood, in a Waldorf salad or simply sneak it into mash potato or any meal or dressing to add more omega 3.

Almond Oil - Great on green salads, drizzled on steamed broccoli or beans. Perfect for stir fries, sautéing mushrooms or lightly frying fish or chicken 

*Available in 100ml, 250ml or 500ml.

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