Edible Alchemy Hot sauce 100ml

These sublime hot sauces are made by local rockstars Riley & Jess at Edible Alchemy. They grow their own chillies and source seasonal local produce so you can be sure of punchy fresh flavours from the high country!

Hot Sauce Louisiana Style

Simple & versitile. Funky & tangy. Sweet & sour. Is your mouth watering yet? Fermented patch grown Cayennes to bring you this Louisiana Style Hot Sauce that will elevate your condiment game & get your taste buds up out of their chairs and onto the dancefloor.

Jalepeno 30% with Apple & Lime (100ml)

Our jalapeño, lime & apple sauce is a celebration of all things winter in the North East. Sweet & fresh with a hint of cinnamon, don’t let sneaky slow burn get you.

Bhut Jolokia 24% with Pear & Szechuan (100ml)

We are cranking up the heat with patch grown Bhut Jolokia, also known as Ghost Pepper. The sweet & enticing tropical characteristics of this exotic warmer will fill your nostrils & your lungs... in a good way. Bhut Jolokia hits hard but fades quickly leaving the lip numbing Szechuan to do its thing.

Habanero 28%, Rhubarb, Juniper - Hot Sauce (100ml)

Bronze Medal - Melbourne Royal Australian Food Awards 2023

Forth Place Chilli Sauce Fruit Hot - Mr Chilli Awards 2022

Rhubarb, Juniper and Habanero Hot Sauce is delightfully complex. Don't be fooled by the floral aroma, this sauce still packs a punch!

Habanero 17% Hop sauce (100ml) - Seasonal range currently SOLD OUT

Habanero 16% with Honey & Lemon (100ml)- Seasonal range currently SOLD OUT

Habanero 17% with Lime & Raspberry (100ml) - Seasonal range currently SOLD OUT

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