All About Pumpkin Seed Oil

Australian Pumpkin Seed Company's Pumpkin Seed Oil is produced using a traditional cold press process that uses 300 years of experience, to maximise flavour and quality.

Throughout history pumpkin seed oil has been used for its many health benefits, including male prostate disorders, kidney function, cholesterol balancing, blood pressure and skin health.

In the kitchen, pumpkin seed oil's nutty flavour is used to enhance many salads. Its delicate nature and high nutrient content make it unsuitable as a hot frying oil however the aroma is enhance by adding it to hot dishes as a flavouring oil.

The unique dicromatic colour, dark green (almost black)/red of pumpkin seed oil makes its a great decorating oil. Depth of colour is one way of distinguishing between a high quality pure pumpkin seed oil and one that has been diluted with a white oil.

• Cold Pressed, Unrefined
• NO cholesterol
• NO added colours, flavours or preservatives
• NO bleaches, deoderisers or anti-foams used
• Made from 100% Australian grown naked pumpkin seeds

• Made in Australia

Our Pumpkin Seed Oil is available to purchase from our online shop, in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml as well as 1Ltr options.

NUT WARNING - Our pumpkin seed oil may contain other tree nut oils as they are produced in the same press.

Proudly the first Australian grower and commercial producer of Australian Pumpkin Seed Oil.

Fats & Oils

Collectively known as lipids, the main functions of lipids are to: supply and transport fatty acids and vitamins, protect vital body organs, insulate warmth and regulate body temperature, assist growth and promote healthy blood, nerves, muscles and skin, transport and breakdown cholesterol, prolong digestion and enhance absorption and flavour, be a source and store of energy.

Essential fatty acids

Important to every cell in the body for normal growth, especially of the blood vessels and nerves and to keep the skin and other tissues youthful and supple through their lubricating quality. These nutrients are invaluable for the production and movement of energy throughout the body. They regulate the transportation of oxygen and are vital in maintaining the integrity of cell structure. The essential fatty acids are all polyunsaturated and have the unique ability to lower cholesterol levels of the blood.

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