Growing and Harvesting Pumpkins

myrtleford_crop1a_12_2009The Australian Pumpkin Seed Company’s goal is to have all our products grown and produced here in Australia. Unfortunately when we started the business there was no Australian Pumpkin Seed Industry for us to source raw materials…. So we had to start one ourselves.

The founding members of Australian Pumpkin Seed Company started growing the special variety of pumpkin in 1988, on the family farm, which went on to became the first supply of product to the market. As demand grew the company knew that other growers would be needed to increase the volume produced and allow founding members to concentrate on making and marketing the products.

To maintain a constant supply to customers we will import seed directly from Europe if Australian stocks are low.

pumpkin seed plants, about 2 weeks old       pumpkin seed plants about 4 weeks old

To date we have had a few trial crops in different locations to find the most suitable area. Harvesting equipment, proximity to the processing factory as well as water and weather conditions, need to be considered to make growing cost effective.

A current trial crop was planted in December 2009 in Victoria. All the photos here show how it is going…. very well!

pumpkin seed plants about 7 weeks old       a weather station near pumpkin paddock

Harvesting the pumpkin seeds…. the quality of this movie is not the best….. but its a start!