About us

Pepo Farms is a Australian family owned and operated company. We specialise in (Styrian) pumpkin seeds along with running a traditional oil and flour mill and educational centre.


Harvesting Styria Pumpkin


Originally starting as “Pepo” the business later become the Australian Pumpkin Seed Company. As our farms and product range have grown we have introduced The Artisan Mill and an educational centre along with a new range of products. The Pepo Farms brand was returned to it right of place for our future. We are the first and only business in Australia to produce pumpkin seeds for eating in Australia and a wide range of Artisan oils. Our commitment is to develop a pumpkin seed industry here in Australia so that Australian consumers have the choice to buy locally grown, fresh Australian products. Developing the export market is a high priority as it will ensure greater volume, lower costs and a sustainable, profitable crop for local farmers. Currently, because farming of this type of pumpkin is still new to Australia, the company supplies are supplemented with seeds grown in their native land (Europe). This ensures a constant supply to the many people who have discovered the advantages of eating this variety of pumpkin seed.


  • Our Intention is to inspire people to feel good by supporting their physical/mental health & quality of life with excellent, naturally produced food, with a focus on disease prevention.
  • Our Mission is to supply a consistently superior quality product, service and education. Our information will be given in a helpful, friendly, caring manner.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our business is ecologically and economically sustainable.